How Adoption Will Transform the Future of Children Orphaned During COVID

News reports provide

News reports provide varying numbers of children who were orphaned during the many waves of the deadly coronavirus. While some quote that 40,000 children have been orphaned since COVID-19 has gripped the world but others state that around 577 children have lost their parents since the second wave of the virus hit India.

These statistics can hardly be ignored. Whatever the exact count may be, there are real lives at stake. Without their guardians, these children are struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel. But their prospects will remain bleak if people don’t step forward. That’s why boosting adoption is the need of the hour to secure the futures of the orphaned children.

<b>Right to Education</b>

Every child deserves to be in school until a mature age. But with a country like India that has a growing population (currently 380 million) living below the poverty line, access to basic education is in the hands of the privileged. Privileges aren’t just restricted to having the means to sustain an average lifestyle and basic needs but also the love and care of legal guardians.

The comfort of knowing there’s someone watching over them is enough to give the child the reassurance to live their dreams. The fear to fend for themselves will crush them in their buds before they’ve had a fair chance to explore their abilities and see the world.

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