The Effect of COVID19 on the Lives of Orphans

While the COVID19

While the COVID19 pandemic has upended the lives of people worldwide, it has especially served as a devastating blow to orphans. The effect of COVID19 on the lives of orphans is serious! Because of the ongoing crisis, foster care centers and orphanages worldwide are facing uncertain situations. Everything is on pause until the pandemic is behind us. People have been ordered to practice social distancing and stay at home to ensure their own and their family’s safety and health.

<b>Foster Care and Adoption Challenges</b>

As expected, people are not willing to come forward to adopt orphans during these unfortunate times. While foster care facilities and orphanages may find some foster parents online and conduct interviews on call, some critical aspects of the process like home inspections can’t be done virtually. Most importantly, government offices and courts are shut down in many states. Thus, foster parents who were looking forward to adopting orphan children are facing unprecedented challenges.

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